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The EITF Process

The EITF uses a systematic analytical approach to assess renewable energy resource availability and market potential at Army sites. To help streamline the project development cycle, the EITF employs up-front analysis and project validation based on eight major risk assessment factors.

EITF Planning and Execution Process

The EITF has produced a process for developing large-scale renewable energy projects that is clear, consistent and transparent. This process will be described in the Army Guide: Developing Renewable Energy Projects Leveraging Private Sector Finance that will detail the five phases of project development, which are shown below.


The EITF streamlined processes to align the interests of the Army and industry, in accordance with federal statutes and regulations, to facilitate project financing and achieve the Army's large-scale renewable energy goals.

DRAFT Army Guide: Developing Renewable Energy Projects Leveraging Private Sector Finance - 29 January 2014
The EITF has developed this draft Guide to provide an overview of the principles, tools, and processes used to pursue renewable energy projects leveraging private sector finance. This Guide is intended for Army Installation Directorate of Public Works staff and energy managers, but should also help inform other stakeholders about the Army’s project development and approval processes.

It is not a manual, nor is it intended to present a step-by-step process; but represents an evolving body of knowledge with respect to a consistent, transparent approach to developing projects by and for the Army. As processes, policies, and tools evolve, this Guide will be updated and expanded to include additional details and operating procedures useful for the Army staff and installations.
Please direct any questions to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Renewable Energy Service Agreement (RESA) Performance Work Statement (PWS) template - 19 November 2013
The EITF, in coordination with industry, developed a PWS template to standardize and streamline the acquisition process and provide industry with clear and concise instructions for future EITF contracts.


Energy Goal Attainment Responsibility Policy for Installations  - 24 August 2012
This memorandum sets policy and assigns responsibilities to achieve the federal energy intensity reduction and renewable energy goals.

Comprehensive Energy and Water Evaluation Policy - 23 August 2012
This memorandum sets policy and assigns responsibilities to conduct and report annually on comprehensive energy and water evaluations at permanent military installations.

Renewable Energy Credits Policy - 24 May 2012
This memorandum establishes Army policy regarding the retention, replacement, and purchasing of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for renewable energy generating facilities on Army installations for the purposes of satisfying federal mandates.

Army Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program Guidance

Guidelines for Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) as authorized by 42 USC 8287, 42 USC 8251 through 8261, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT2005), and mandated by Executive Order (EO) 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management.

Army Policy Memorandum - 22 December 2008
Army Policy Guidance - November 2008
Army Supplemental Guidance - 28 June 2011